Bling Box 12-month Membership

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Bling Box Subscription (2).png

Bling Box 12-month Membership


A 12-month subscription is the best value for purchase of a Bling Box membership! Pricing breaks down to $25 a month (save over 20%!) Receive the latest trends in jewelry at your doorstep once-a-month for a year! Each box will include a $40+ value of jewelry, typically 2-3 pieces. AND become a Bling Bestie! (see more details below)

In addition to saving on your subscription you will receive one month FREE for a friend! Be sure to fill out our shipping form for the friend you would like to gift 1-month to!  

Become a Bling Bestie! By being added as a Bling Bestie you will receive additional offers, exclusive early event sign-up and more! 

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Bling Box FAQ’s

Bling Box Contents:

A Bling Box will typically contain 2-3 jewelry items, including earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Each box has a guaranteed retail value of $40.

Monthly Subscription:

By signing up for a monthly subscription you agree to receive a Bling Box monthly and will incur a recurring charge to credit or debit card through Moonclerk when your subscription is being packed. Subscriptions are shipped 2-3 business days before month-end and subscriptions typically arrive within 1-2 business days from the first of the month.  

12-Month Subscription:

By committing to a 12-month subscription you will receive Bling Box monthly for 12-months. Also included is 1 month free for a friend, friend may be selected within 1-month of sign-up.  In addition, you will be added as a “Bling Bestie” and be a part our exclusive bling perks club. Being a Bling Bestie involves receiving exclusive discounts, incentives, early event ticket purchase, and more! A 12-month subscription is a prepaid $240 charge.

When will I receive my order?

Subscriptions are shipped 1-3 business days before month-end and subscriptions typically arrive within 1-3 business days from the first of the month. For example, a box will typically ship between April 27-29 and arrive to you between May 1-3.

When can I expect my first box to arrive?

Typically, if you sign-up for your subscription within the first week of the new month, we will send the current month’s box as your first box. For subscriptions started later in the month we will send the consecutive month’s box. We will do our best to ship your box just as soon as we can, shipments are subject to vary based on supply of box contents each month.


May I return items from my box?

Yes! We want you to love the items you receive in your Bling Box! Items may be returned by mailing back or bringing in-store. We will issue a store-credit for the item for the value based on your monthly charge. For example, if you pay $20 a month and there were 2 items included in the order, you will receive a $10 store credit if you desire to bring or send one item back.


Subscription Cancelation:

If you are a monthly subscriber, you may cancel your subscription for any reason, cancelation must be requested via email 14 days prior to month end. 12-month subscriptions are prepaid for the entire 12-month period and is a 12-month commitment. We want you to be happy with your Bling Box and will do whatever we can to make sure you are happy with your subscription!


Can I give a single month of Bling Box as a gift?

Yes! There is an option on our website ( to purchase a single-month subscription. This is a great way to gift Bling Box! A one-month subscription is $25. We will ship the current month’s box within 7 business days of order placement.


How do I change my mailing address or form of payment for my subscription?

To make modifications to your subscription please reach out to our service team by emailing we are happy to help!


Are Jean Marie’s discounts and coupons valid on Bling Box?

Sorry, store coupons, rewards and offers do not apply to Bling Box. 


What Does the Bling Besties Club Include?

Our 12-month subscribers will be added as “Bling Besties.” Members of the club will receive the opportunity for exclusive discounts, free gifts, offers, early access to new arrivals, early ticket purchase for select events and more! These discounts and incentives are intended only for the exclusive use of members of the Bling Besties club.


Questions? Concerns? Feedback?

We would love to hear from you. Please reach out to our service team at with additional questions and feedback!